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Shad Fishing

Shad fishing is just about as good as it gets. Every year Shad by the millions run up the Columbia River and the Willamette river near Portland, Oregon. Fishing with light tackle is the preferred method and these Shad can really put on a battle. One can catch these all day long and by the dozens and they are really a thrill to play. Everyone likes to catch Shad including kids, grand parents and all in-between! The amazing thing is that these Shad really hit hard. Often times people will think they have a Steelhead or Salmon on.

You can expect to catch 25 or more fish a day. Over five million passed over Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River last year. Shad run 14 to 20 inches in length but many run much larger and they can be very fat weighing up to six pounds. The American Shad take strong runs and you may even see some acrobatics. Once you take your family Shad fishing with Dave Maroon, you'll find yourself coming back year after for another day of this fast-action fishing adventure. Some even make a Shad fishing trip an annual tradition. It costs a lot less than Disneyland and many of the kids like it a lot more!


Shad Fishing On The Columbia River & The Willamette River

     Shad are a brightly colored fish with silver bodies, green backs and large scales and a deeply forked tail. The bucks run from one to two pounds in size while Females tend to run much larger and often weigh three to six pounds.

In 1978 over a million shad came into the Columbia River. Annual runs continued to increase and in the last few years there have been annual Shad runs that numbered over four million fish passing over Bonneville Dam.

     They begin entering the Columbia in good numbers in mid to late May and by the middle of June we witness numbers in excess of 100,000 fish per day that go over the Bonneville Dam. In July the annual Columbia River Shad runs begin dropping in numbers. Some Shad are still caught in good numbers further upriver below John Day Dam. The Willamette River near Portland, Oregon also boasts huge numbers of Shad. Every year this is a very popular fishery for Shad because of the amount of fish that pass through and the location that's so close to everything.

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